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We saved over $5,000 by getting FreeTouchPos. The installation and setup was quick and our menus were were programmed into the system when the product arrived. Thank you FreeTouchPos!


Salvatore C

Owner Coppolas NYC



You can get the FreeTouchPOS special edition software for free!

Thats right, you can download and install, absolutely free, up to 2 station licenses of the special edition FreeTouchPOS restaurant software onto your existing hardware that you already own. Or if you dont have any hardware, you can buy your own hardware and install it yourself as well.

This special software edition does not require you to sign up with any credit card processing partner. In fact, you can choose to  use your own credit card processing company although your partner company would need to provide our company with its programming parameters, and, they would have to cover the cost of the programming of their credit card parameters. Most credit card merchant services companies will cover those costs for you if you ask them to.

Alternatively, you can get Mercury's free processing software, without commitment or contract and process credit cards easily as well.

How about support on the free software?  You get the ability to access the entire library of FreeTouchPOS training videos at the training video site (click here) and full video instructions on how to install the software at your restaurant.  Its a complete FREE do it yourself package.  Need our help? Our technicians are available to you during normal business hours for a low $49.00 per support call fee payable by credit card.  You can also elect to have a local  technician come to your business.  We can get you a quote on those services.   We also have staff available to help you program  your menu if you prefer not to do it yourself. We can quote you that service as well.

Need hardware?  Click here to see our complete line of fully compatible hardware you can buy from us online, or just use our site to compare brands and buy wherever you prefer!!

This is the perfect solution for the small business owner who would like to get a full feature POS system but doesnt have the resources to purchase an expensive POS system.  We know that as your business grows, you will want to upgrade to our full POS package, or if you need to add more stations, you will be able to do so whenever that time comes.

In the meantime, just click on the download link here to get your FreeTouchPOS free software to use on your equipment.  Make sure to download the right version. Then fill out the form to register the software. We will send you the software for you to use and to get started!



Feature List of Special Edition:

Order Entry

Split Payment

Email Reports

Employee Timeclock


Walk thru Side dishes

Multiple Happy Hour

Easily Split orders

Gift Card tracking

Multi Language capability

up to 2 order stations supported

Bump screen support

Multiple make line printer support

Pole display support

Supports all ESC printers control set and cash drawers

Connects to online ordering system (at additional cost)

86 item countdown

On screen reporting

Many operational reports

Many other features!

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