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I need more than 1 POS station. How does that work?

Need more than 1 order entry or retail barcode station for your business?  We can support installations as large as 200 stations or more and are doing so in the some of the largest stadiums in the country as well as very large and busy restaurants and retail stores. For instance, we are installed at the Silverdome in Pontiac Michigan. So multiple POS station solutions is not an issue.

Since our goal is to always save you money, our credit card processing partner has decided that everyone can qualify for additional terminals and they will subsidize the cost of each additional entry station for you at over 1/2 the wholesale cost of the equipment no matter how many machines you need. Our cost per additional workstaton with software (including all in one Touch computer, card reader, thermal printer and software) is $1840.00. Thats what we pay for each machine at our cost from our hardware vendors. Each system retails for over $3800 per system.   Our credit card processing partner will pay $1000 of the cost of each additional unit for you which we provide to you at our wholesale cost.  So, rather than you paying an additional $250.00 security deposit, plus $49.95 per month maintenance fee for each additional system for 36 months, instead, you would just pay the subsidized price of only $840.00 and you own the extra machines!

How does that compare with other Free POS solutions out there?  Well, go to our Let's compare
page and simply double all the numbers for the competitors solution. Because they charge double for each extra machine, or triple for 3 machines.
Our way, saves you an incredible amount of money. Lets take a look.  A 2 station system from FreeTouchPOS will provide you with the first station free and the 2nd station for the reduced subsidized price of  only $840.00.  So your total cost for 2 stations over 36 months including the monthly support fee is only $2638.00.   And the best part is you only pay one $49.95 per month support fee, no matter how many stations you get.  
Our competitors? You will pay over $40,000.00 over 5 years for 2 stations!!  We will save you $37,462.00 over 5 years!!!!  And for a 3 station system?  We will save you over $56,462.00 over 5 years.  Thats ALOT of money!!! Dont ever get stuck paying $60k for a 3 station Free POS system!!  Thats why FreeTouchPOS is truly the preferred choice for quality POS and real savings.
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