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The Most Affordable

Yes, its really free. All the equipment including touchscreen, computer, card reader, receipt printer and the management system software including inventory control, timeclock, tip entry, loyalty program, Gift card system, reporting, back office, we mean everything is free.  A $5000 point of sale system, for free! You pay nothing for the equipment. Download the application documents, fill them out, sign and fax back today. 

The only thing you pay each month, is a low $49.95 support fee which provides you with maintenance for your free hardware, and support on your free software. And provide a small refundable security deposit returned to you at the end of the agreed term. You dont pay extra in higher credit card processing fees like other so called free POS systems require you to do, and we use quality payment processing companies for the best in customer service and the best rates available in the US market.  We ask that you compare us to any other company offering a credit card processing based Free Point of Sale system.  Our system is far more complete, includes online ordering and reservations, full inventory control system, timeclock, automated email reporting and so much more. Its years ahead of any other point of sale system in the marketplace. 

Access from anywhere

Live status reports on  your smartphone

Stay in Touch

Everything you need in a Point of Sale system to run your business

Works for restaurants and retail stores of all shapes and sizes. Big or small. Fancy or casual

The Most Powerful

The Most Flexible

No strings attached

Join these establishments and thousands of other great businesses who are all benefiting from the features and quality of their FreeTouchPOS systems

Anacapri Cucina Italiano

Miami, FL


Suffern, NY


New York, NY

Sushi Sake

Miami, FL

Casa Larios

South Miami, FL

Caffe Vialetto

Coral Gables, FL

2014© Copyright FreeTouchPOS

2014© Copyright FreeTouchPOS

We saved over $5,000 by getting FreeTouchPos. The installation and setup was quick and our menus were already programmed into the system when the product arrived. Thank you FreeTouchPos!


                                                                                                                                                  Salvatore C 

                                                                                                                                                  Owner Coppolas NYC




As an owner of a small pizzeria restaurant, FreeTouchPos made it possible for us to have a point of sale system without any big cost upfront as well as credit card processing at the lowest rates available. What a winning combination!


Francisco A 

                                                                                                                                      Owner of Manhattan Chicago 





I have a small gift shop in a busy strip mall and it can get very hectic at times. With FreeTouchPos I can keep track of my inventory and analyze my sales to keep my business running smoothly. I love the fact that I can now accept credit cards which helped me almost double my daily sales.                                                                                                                                  

Susie O 

                                                                                                                                      Trendy Gifts and More 




Sal Coppola

Owner Coppola's

New York, NY

2014© Copyright FreeTouchPOS

2014 © Copyright FreetouchPOS

*Equipment images displayed may be different than actual equipment


*All free equipment programs require a Merchant processing agreement. Additionally, the free POS program requires a service agreement and $250 refundable security deposit.  See Merchant processing agreement and FreeTouchPOS agreement terms and conditions for complete details.
†Shipping charges apply. Equipment malfunction must be as a result of normal usage. Merchant account and FreeTouchPOS service agreement must be in good standing to qualify. See FreeTouchPOS agreement terms and conditions for complete details.

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