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FreeTouchPos for your Business


A FreeTouchPos system is much more than a basic check-out register. It’s the core tool to accurately manage your store operations while staying focused on keeping up with your customers’ needs. Regardless of the business size or what you are selling, an integrated POS system is a must to be competitive and retain customers.


Every business has unique needs and processes. Whether you are a storefront retailer or a new restaurant, the efficiencies and visibility provided by a complete POS system are the first steps towards success.

All you need is a FreeTouchPos System and a few peripherals to create a robust point of sale system that will support your business with greater sales and customer satisfaction.

Get Started with a FreeTouchPos Point of Sale System


Every retail business needs to accurately track their sales and check-out customers in a timely manner in order to be successful. Making sure you have the products on hand that your customers want is critical to keeping them shopping with you. The last thing you want customers remembering about your business is how the items they wanted weren’t available or how long it took to them to pay for their purchases. In the past, these challenges were much more difficult to address and often involved adding more people to your staff. Today, however, we can put technology to work to increase the visibility into your business trends and make it easier to accomplish more with less. Most importantly, you’ll be creating a better shopping experience for your customers and will keep them coming back! Point of Sale (POS) encompasses every aspect of a retail store from the check-out process and returns to inventory management and product ordering. How you go about managing these aspects really comes down to implementing a system that works for your specific business.


Yesterday's Point of Sale System


In the past, the electronic cash register was the default option for a check out station.

These cash registers may have been inexpensive, but they provided little insight into what customers were buying because of their limited sales tracking abilities. Many of them even had a limit on how many items could be in the system. Also, barcode scanning support was not common, which had a drastic impact on the time it took to conduct transactions.

When it came time to inventory a store, you were pretty much stuck with a clipboard, paper and pencil. Knowing when something was out of stock or needed to be reordered depended completely on how often you conducted inventory. Clearly, this approach to POS greatly hampered how accurately a retailer could respond to its customers’ needs.


Today's Point of Sale System


Just like every other aspect of business, the combination of PCs and software has drastically changed what a POS system is capable of doing. Inventory management, payment processing, returns, loyalty programs, couponing and pretty much every other retail business function are all encompassed in a software based POS system. Things have advanced quite a bit beyond simply checking out the customer.

The greatest advantage of a modern POS system is the high degree of visibility it provides into your business. With every transaction, you are also tracking inventory and sales trends. You can run reports on what the most popular or most returned items are and when your busiest sales cycles are. Keeping the right inventory on hand when your customers want them is a breeze.

The consolidation of all these processes into a single system allows you to do them faster and more efficiently while knowing exactly what products and services your customers want. Regardless of your business size, you’ll see an immediate return on your investment when implementing the right POS solution

You can now throw away that clipboard!

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