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Advanced Modifiers Re-Order. Last Round List Timed Items TIP Recovery Rear Display Auto Updates Custom Check Tax Support  Ask For Customer  Split Item Separate Checks   Event Packages   Auto Toppings   Credit Card Support    Events & Packages   Transfer Item or Check    Hold Un-hold Option   Advanced Deposits    Credit Card Threshold Use Order Number Log out after Payment Roll Up Modifier Is Take Out Show Course Happy Hour Revenue Centres Kitchen Notifications Alpha Search Items Bar code Scanning Stock Items OutOrder TypeCoursing Reopen Closed Check Advanced Discounts Comps Service Charges Pizza Mode Send Stay Dining Room Editor Multilingual PIN or CardSecurity TIP Declaration Overtime Option Employee Contest Paid In/Out’ Return Mode Item Count down Wine Mode Daily Specials Stand Alone Mode Mail Teams Time & Attendance Valet Messaging EMAIL Reporting Exports to Excel Excel Menu Mode Job Class Support Tip Pooling Advanced Orders Auto Gratituity Suggestion

Check Entry 

Table Tracking

Menu Setup

Bar Tabs

Timed Menus

Customer Database

Analyze Sales Trends

24/7 Support

Compare FreeTouchPos to other offers!!​​​


Here we offer the software  for download  so you can play with it all you like and get to know it. Nobody else in the POS industry offers you this capability before you contract.  Most  other POS company have a far higher monthly service fee to maintain your system and others have a quarterly fee they dont even tell you about until after you contract with them making their systems even more expensive. Compare features and service plans to FreeTouchPOS and you will find that our offering is far better and more economical in the long term.  And our credit card processing rates are far lower than competing Free POS system offerings that are connected to credit card processing plans.  Click here to compare the financial details!


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